Горно Бадахшанская автономная область

entdeckungsfahrt_auf_dem_dach_der_welt_pamirsГорно – Бадахшанская автономная область (ГБАО) расположена на восточной части Таджикистана и занимает более 43 % территории страны с 63 700 км 2. ГБАО граничит на севере с Киргизией, на востоке — с Китаем, на юге и западе — с Афганистаном.
ГБАО имеет приблизительно 220000 населения и состоит из семи районов  – Дарваз,  Ванч, Рушан, Шугнан, Ишкашим, Рошткалъа и Мургаб) и административного центра –  города Хорога (население – 30 000) .

ГБАО  расположена на Великом шелковом пути, и побывать на  Крыше мира является мечтой туристов. Поэтому с каждым годом увеличивается количество желающих  посмотреть на красивый природный ландшафт, ознакомиться с её историей и уникальной культурой местного населения.

Unveiling the Pamirs – Travelling Tajikistan
Tajikistan and the Pamir Mountains – Made for Explorers!

If you’re wondering where you might find out more about Tajikistan, then more information can now be found in the first English language travel magazine about the country, published by PECTA (Pamirs Eco Cultural Tourism Association) in time for the travel season 2016.
Whether travelling by Yak, on foot, by 4×4, motorbike or bicycle, to unveil Tajikistan reveals a rare adventure in an undiscovered destination. For all who want to experience mountains, this small Central Asian country offers terrific landscapes and soaring peaks of 7,000m and more. Silk Road romanticists and globetrotters will fall in love with green valleys where ancient archaeological sites, small medieval villages and remnants of the Soviet-past await discovery.
The new magazine “Unveiling the Pamirs” is a great read for all who want to familiarise themselves with this fascinating travel destination. It introduces readers to the region through short and heart-warming travel stories, providing extensive background information and identifying experienced local tour operators that can offer the best of the Pamirs and Tajikistan.
“By providing some great insights, the destination magazine “Unveiling the Pamirs” is a useful planning tool for excursions to this relatively unexplored destination.” says Mr. Yodgor Faizov, head of the Aga Khan Foundation office in Tajikistan. “We keenly invite everybody to visit the Pamirs and Tajikistan, to experience the adventure of a lifetime and to feel the friendship of our people”.
The free magazine will be distributed through various channels, including Tajik Embassies, tour operators, hotels, tourism information centres and adventure retailers. It can also be downloaded at www.unveiling-the-pamirs.com today!

“Khush Omaded ba Tojikiston!”  – Welcome to Tajikistan!
About PECTA:
The Pamirs Eco-Cultural Tourism Association (PECTA) was established in April 2008 with the support of the Mountain Societies Development Support Programme (MSDSP), which promotes and supports the sustainable development of tourism in the Pamirs and beyond.

For further information, please contact PECTA’s director Mr. Asadsho Zoolshoev at info@pecta.tj. You can find the PECTA office and tourism information centre at 10 E. Darvonov Street (Central Park), 736000 Khorog, Tajikistan.

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